CCBFA President Lisa Waller

Lisa Waller

Lisa Victoria Waller is Vice President and co-owner of BDG International, Inc. located in Elgin (Chicago) Illinois. BDG International, Inc. (BDG) has been in business since 1983 and is an international freight forwarder, U.S. Customs Broker and Letter of Credit Specialist. BDG is a proud recipient of the President’s “E” Awards for Excellence in Exporting in 2013. I have been a volunteer on the Board of the CCBFA for many years. I have been Voting Board Member this last election period and would like to run for this seat once again. I have also been serving as Secretary of the Association this year. It has been a pleasure to be part of an organization that is working to ensure the Customs Brokerage and International Freight Forwarding industry is educated and working together for the better good of the importer and exporter. Part of my goal in the CCBFA is to bring value from a privately-owned business perspective, share knowledge with our members and be active in the Chicago brokerage and forwarding community. My personal goal for 2016 is to assist the Customs Brokerage community make it past the ACE implementation by working on the test systems, sharing our experiences and assisting in the educational seminars. For the export side, I have been attending the NCBFAA export events, offering articles to the Newsletter that are export related and working on the export education ideas to bring to the seminar. Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Christmas party!!

Officers & Directors

  • Justin Campbell

    Justin CampbellVice President

    Justin Campbell has worked in Customs brokerage and freight forwarding since 2006. He became a Certified Customs Specialist in 2014 and a Licensed Customs Broker in 2016. He is currently employed by M.E. Dey & Co. as their Chicago Branch Manager. Justin currently volunteers on the CCBFA Education Committee and Scholarship Committee.

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  • Jonni Amidon

    Jonni AmidonSecretary

    Jonni Amidon, current Secretary, is a Licensed Customs Broker and is currently the Director USA Customs Brokerage for SEKO Logistics.  Jonni maintains her Customs Broker License (LCB) and Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) credentials.  Prior to joining SEKO in 2018, Jonni held positions such as Supervisor of Customs Brokerage at Goodship International and started her career as an entry writer at CBC Customshouse Brokers.  A native of New Jersey, after graduating High School Jonni joined the United States Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist.  Jonni has volunteered for the last two years with CCBFA on the Customs committee, and her favorite activity is the Annual NCBFAA Conference, one of two annual events sponsored by NCBFAA.  This one allows attendees to participate in discussions about timely, critical industry changes with US Customs & Border Protection, as well as the other Government Agencies and industry colleagues, to collaborate on changes in the industry that impact Brokers and Importers. 

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  • Dawn Devlet

    Dawn DevletTreasurer

    Hello, my name is Dawn Devlet. I first began my career in the Customs Brokerage/Freight Forwarding industry in 1997, and have held my Broker’s license since 2009. I am currently the Customs Brokerage and Compliance Manager for Nosta Logistics. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with my customers and team members. In an industry that is constantly evolving and changing, I am dedicated to continuing my education to remain knowledgeable in order to best serve my client’s needs.

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  • Jane (Pedersen) Sorensen

    Jane (Pedersen) SorensenChairman

    Jane Sorensen, current Chair of the Board, recently retired after a very satisfying career, most recently as Vice President at SEKO Logistics, Chicago Gateway office, responsible for international, domestic, 3PL, and Customs brokerage product development. Jane also served as SEKO’s Customs Brokerage Product Development leader, working closely with SEKO’s corporate compliance and sales team to implement best practices for the product. Jane maintains her Customs broker license (LCB) and Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) credentials. Read More

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Voting  Directors

  • Justin Campbell

    Justin CampbellVice President

    Justin Campbell has worked in Customs brokerage and freight forwarding since 2006. He became a Certified Customs Specialist in 2014 and a Licensed Customs Broker in 2016. He is currently employed by M.E. Dey & Co. as their Chicago Branch Manager. Justin currently volunteers on the CCBFA Education Committee and Scholarship Committee.

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  • Jay Doyle

    Jay Doyle

    Jason Doyle (“Jay”) has spent nearly 30 years working in and around global trade. He served in various leadership roles at Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (America) and is currently a Sr. Operations Manager at Scoular Global Shipping.

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  • David Forgue

    David Forgue

    David has been an attorney practicing in the area of international trade and customs law for over 25 years. As an associate, then partner at Barnes, Richardson & Colburn David has presented countless education seminars to CCBFA membership. This continues a 50-year relationship between the CCBFA and Barnes/Richardson, stretching back to the 1970s. In 2017 David became a licensed Customs broker through the Port of Chicago. He utilizes his broker’s license through Barnes Global Trade, which is a wholly-owned customs brokerage and consulting firm. I would like to continue volunteering with the CCBFA because I have seen the very good work the group has done over the years. Continuing to provide a local outlet for the field to interact with the agencies, recruit new talent, and provide educational opportunities are all vital activities. I would like to do my part in continuing those efforts.

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  • Wesley Peterson

    Wesley Peterson

    Wesley Peterson is the Licensed Customs Broker and Director of Compliance for Clutch Global Logistics, Inc. located in Lombard, IL. He has enjoyed serving on the CCBFA Customs Committee, Legislative Committee, and is happy to serve on the CCBFA board. He looks forward to contributing to the development and advancement of CCBFA while being an active peer to its board of directors and members. Thankful for opportunity to be on the CCBFA board of directors, Wesley is happy to help CCBFA continue its legacy in the Chicagoland area.

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  • Erica Miller

    Erica Miller

    I started in the industry in 1999, at Expeditors International as an entry writer and have advanced myself over the years working for other Customs Brokers such as UTI, Cargo Partner International, CEVA and now Western Overseas. I have experience with overseeing operations in the U.S and Canada and understanding the rules and regulation within those countries.   I have experience in managing several branches to ensure operational excellence, finances, Customs Regulation, duty drawback, compliance, and uniformity within each branch. Currently I am the VP of Regulatory Compliance at Western Overseas and oversee all of the compliance for the company.  I am also involved with overseeing the operations for majority of the branches from a P&L perspective.  I am looking to become more involved with local and national associations to become more instrumental and participate within the industry. 

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  • Peter Killian

    Peter Killian

    Peter has been a Licensed Customs Broker since June 2022. He is currently the Classification Specialist for Aldi Inc USA’s National Supply Chain Compliance Team. Prior to this, Peter was the Brokerage Manager for NNR Global Logistics USA’s ORD Branch and Midwest Region. He has been a Certified Customs Specialist since 2018. He has spent over ten years in logistics and transportation, ranging from dispatching and tracking freight to brokerage work. Peter is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Non-Voting  Directors

  • Lorrie Roddy

    Lorrie Roddy

    Lorrie Roddy is the Operation Director & Country Manager/President of Atlantic Gate (US), Inc. She specializes in the areas of import compliance, customs valuation, operational processes and employee training. Lorrie brings with her more than 40 years of industry knowledge. Read More

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  • David Pasco

    David Pasco

    David Pasco joined Roanoke Trade in the Chicago office in 2010 with an expertise in domestic freight forwarders and property brokers.He is responsible for business development and account management in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Minnesota specializing in all lines of insurance sales including cargo insurance, errors & omissions, property & casualty and bonds for transportation specialists. Read More

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  • Merit Tremper

    Merit Tremper

    Prior to becoming President of Merit Trade Consulting Services LLC, a trade consulting company. Merit was employed by RIM Logistics Ltd for sixteen years. During her time at RIM, she held many titles, including most recently Vice President of Customer Solutions and Vice President of Import. Merit was the Corporate Broker and Chicago permit holder for fourteen years. As a U.S. Licensed Customs Broker with the additional designation of C.C.S. (Certified Customs Specialist), she has worked in the trade industry for over thirty years. Read More

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  • Lisa Hennessy

    Lisa Hennessy

    Lisa Hennessy has been in the transportation and trade insurance industry, with Avalon Risk Management, for over 15 years. She has held several management roles at Avalon which included the supervision of their Centralized Bond Unit – working directly with clients and CBP to process Customs bonds. She then transitioned to the supervisor for the Managing General Agent (MGA) unit to oversee the underwriting team for Avalon’s Combined Transit Liability program and their Property and Casualty program. Read More

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  • Matt Clark

    Matt Clark

    Matthew Clark is the Director of Kuehne + Nagel’s Trade Consulting Group. Mr. Clark has over 25 years of experience in customs and trade compliance. His expertise lies in import compliance and customs regulations. Mr. Clark collaborates closely with U.S. Customs and clients, securing duty refunds, resolving complex issues, and obtaining rulings related to HTS Classification, Valuation, and Country of Origin for his clients. He has held a Customs Broker license since 1997 and is also a licensed attorney in Illinois. Mr. Clark actively participates in both local and national trade associations and is a frequent speaker on trade issues.

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  • Chevy Hiland

    Chevy Hiland

    With a rich tapestry of 18+ years in the Customs Brokerage realm, I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the position of Voting Director at CCBFA. My journey has been woven with a deep understanding of customs intricacies, and I have honed a particular passion for navigating the complexities of FDA regulations. As a dedicated dog mom, I bring compassion and responsibility to all aspects of my life, mirroring the commitment I will bring to fostering a collaborative and efficient CCBFA community. Beyond the world of customs, I am an avid vintage enthusiast, recognizing the value of tradition and the importance of blending experience with innovation.

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  • Laura Austrins

    Laura Austrins

    Lara is a lawyer and a licensed customs broker who has practiced customs and international trade law for 24 years.  She has extensive experience advising a wide variety of clients in diverse industries on the laws and regulations governing international trade.  As a licensed broker, she is familiar with the unique issues the customs brokerage industry faces. In her role as Co-Chair of CCBFA’s Customs committee, she regularly meets with Customs officials and members of the international trade community on issues affecting Customs brokers, importers, and exporters. Her goal is to provide insight on emerging issues and the challenges faced by the ever-evolving customs brokerage and forwarding industries.

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  • Isiahphena Norwood

    Isiahphena Norwood

    Isiahphena Norwood is a Licensed Customs Broker, Certified Customs Specialist and license-holder at Nosta Logistics. Isiahphena started her career in Supply Chain Solutions/Logistics in 2001, starting in accounting as an account receivable specialist at UPS Supply Chain Solutions. One year later, she was promoted in 2002 to Import Ocean Specialist in the operation department. Isiahphena worked in Ocean Import operations for 13 years and explored her desire to learn Customs entries. She started as an entry writer at Livingston 2015, learning various areas of expertise, different commodities, and other government agency clearances. Isiahphena had a strong desire to become a Licensed Customs Broker and accomplished her goal in 2018 by passing the customs exam and became licensed in 2019. In addition, Isiahphena attended University of Phoenix where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Business (General Management) in 2022 and continues to pursue her education. Isiahphena is currently in Law School at Regent University to earn her master’s degree “International Business”. Isiahphena has held permit holder/corporate officer positions in previous roles. Currently, she is Manager Customs Broker/Compliance at Nosta Logistics, responsible for Customs Compliance and she is growing in her knowledge of Export Compliance as well. Isiahphena achieved her certificate in Export Regulation, 2023. Isiahphena has a passion for global trade and is eager to learn and continue to grow in her career. She brings 22 years of experience International Business she worked from the ground up she have ambitious and drive. She believes whatever you believe, you can achieve! Isiahphena is eager to volunteer with CCBFA to understand how the organization works, contribute along her areas of interest and assist CCBFA in being on the forefront of new regulations as we develop them with CBP!

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  • Debbie Ruscitti

    Debbie Ruscitti

    Debbie has been active with the association for close to twenty years, serving in various capacities on numerous committees. A past chair, co-chair and constant member of the Regulatory Agencies Committee, she also serves on the NCBFAA Regulatory Agencies Committee helping to bring national attention to local issues. A Licensed Customs Broker and a Certified Customs Specialist with over thirty years in the transportation industry Debbie is currently the Vice President of Customs Compliance at CBC Customshouse Brokers, Inc., Oakbrook, IL   

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  • Cynthia Wheelock

    Cynthia Wheelock

    My career began in domestic transportation in 1985, and I transitioned to international in 1990. With over 27 years of combined experience, I have been actively engaged in customs brokerage operations, sales, and compliance. I secured my Customs Broker License in 1994. In my early years I was highly motivated, and applied my credentials as qualified permit and corporate license holder. Read More

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  • Russell Kazmierczak

    Russell Kazmierczak

    I have been involved in the transportation industry for almost 20 years.  My career in logistics started in the household goods and personal effects freight forwarding industry after graduating from Northern Illinois University in 1999.  I transitioned into freight forwarding for general commodities in 2010 when I joined Clutch Global Logistics.   After holding numerous positions, I am currently the Vice President of Operations at Clutch Global Logistics where I am responsible for the management of operations, customs brokerage, customer service and sales activities.  Read More

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Senior  Advisors

  • Scott Larson

    Scott Larson

    Scott Larson is the Senior Vice President and Corporate Compliance manager for MOL Logistics (USA) Inc. Scott obtained his Customs Brokers License in 1991 Read More

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  • Mary Peglow

    Mary Peglow

    Mary is retired after a 35 year Career in the brokerage industry.  Mary continues to volunteer on the CCBFA board.  She has served on the local Regulatory Agencies Committee, Read More

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Officers and Directors
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Non‐Voting DirectorsCynthia
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