Lorrie Roddy

Lorrie Roddy is the Operation Director & Country Manager/President of Atlantic Gate (US), Inc. She specializes in the areas of import compliance, customs valuation, operational processes and employee training. Lorrie brings with her more than 40 years of industry knowledge. She has had the opportunity to contribute to several organizations in her career. She started out as an entry writer learning to write entries with a number two pencil and grid sheets. Advanced to positions of Manager of Air Import, Ocean Import and CHB. Lorrie first started hosting workshops as a Corporate Trainer. She traveled throughout the United States hosting Customs Exam Workshops. She continues to still host the Exam Preps today on her own, giving her over 30 years’ experience as a trainer. She has also been the Permit Holder and Corporate License Holder in her career. Her leadership style has enabled her to contribute to the growth of the trade community. Currently she holds the office of Chairman of the Board of CCBFA for the 2022-2024 term. Looking forward to seeing everyone throughout the year at the CCBFA Workshops, Golf Outing and Holiday Party.