Jonni Amidon

Jonni Amidon, current Secretary, is a Licensed Customs Broker and is currently the Director USA Customs Brokerage for SEKO Logistics.  Jonni maintains her Customs Broker License (LCB) and Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) credentials. 

Prior to joining SEKO in 2018, Jonni held positions such as Supervisor of Customs Brokerage at Goodship International and started her career as an entry writer at CBC Customshouse Brokers.  A native of New Jersey, after graduating High School Jonni joined the United States Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist. 

Jonni has volunteered for the last two years with CCBFA on the Customs committee, and her favorite activity is the Annual NCBFAA Conference, one of two annual events sponsored by NCBFAA.  This one allows attendees to participate in discussions about timely, critical industry changes with US Customs & Border Protection, as well as the other Government Agencies and industry colleagues, to collaborate on changes in the industry that impact Brokers and Importers.