Isiahphena Norwood

Isiahphena Norwood

Isiahphena Norwood is a Licensed Customs Broker, Certified Customs Specialist and license-holder at Nosta Logistics.

Isiahphena started her career in Supply Chain Solutions/Logistics in 2001, starting in accounting as an account receivable specialist at UPS Supply Chain Solutions. One year later, she was promoted in 2002 to Import Ocean Specialist in the operation department. Isiahphena worked in Ocean Import operations for 13 years and explored her desire to learn Customs entries. She started as an entry writer at Livingston 2015, learning various areas of expertise, different commodities, and other government agency clearances.

Isiahphena had a strong desire to become a Licensed Customs Broker and accomplished her goal in 2018 by passing the customs exam and became licensed in 2019. In addition, Isiahphena attended University of Phoenix where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Business (General Management) in 2022 and continues to pursue her education. Isiahphena is currently in Law School at Regent University to earn her master’s degree “International Business”.

Isiahphena has held permit holder/corporate officer positions in previous roles. Currently, she is Manager Customs Broker/Compliance at Nosta Logistics, responsible for Customs Compliance and she is growing in her knowledge of Export Compliance as well. Isiahphena achieved her certificate in Export Regulation, 2023.

Isiahphena has a passion for global trade and is eager to learn and continue to grow in her career. She brings 22 years of experience International Business she worked from the ground up she have ambitious and drive. She believes whatever you believe, you can achieve!

Isiahphena is eager to volunteer with CCBFA to understand how the organization works, contribute along her areas of interest and assist CCBFA in being on the forefront of new regulations as we develop them with CBP!