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AESDirect is now the ACE Portal

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AESDirect has been moved to the ACE portal.  At this time, you can still access the AES Direct; however, it is the intent for CBP/ Census to move the login and password to ACE Portal.

It is just a matter of getting everyone signed on with a new password and login.    You may ask, “Why do we need to be on the ACE Portal, if we already link with AES through our software system?”.  You can file AES through the ACE Portal,  if your system goes down.   The AESDirect via ACE Portal is a good back up for this purpose.  The sign up process takes a few days, so if you do not prepare in advance you will not be able to process AES through the ACE Portal.   When you are singed up, please note that the ACE Portal works best in Explorer. Firefox and Chrome work for the first screens, but anytime you want to drill into the system you will stop having functionality.

If you are a freight forwarder, the AES direct is located via the Exporter pull down view.    Then, go to Submit AESDirect Filings.  I recommend to send an EEI in the AESDirect in order to test that you know the process.

Once you are in the system you will find the program is user friendly.